Wisco (Shareware)

SynchPST is an application that enables users to synchronize their Microsoft Outlook accounts among their computers. This is useful especially when Outlook is accessed on a regular basis from two or more computers, such as the home computer and the computer in the office. With this application, users will have no trouble synchronizing their business contacts and other data.

Personal folders in Outlook make use of the PST file format, thus the name of this application. Users can select one or more folders, including subfolders, to synchronize. With this utility, they can also update all of Outlook’s items at one time. Additionally, this application can restore files that have accidentally been deleted, by copying entire folders if the one the user is looking for, or the target folder, is missing from Outlook. SynchPST makes use of a complicated algorithm, giving it the ability to analyze source and target folders and update these as necessary.

The user interface of this application is easy to understand and navigate. It has a two-window view. One pane shows the source computer and the other pane displays the target system. Arrows show the sync direction: target to source, source to target, or two-way. Users can simply select the folders to synchronize and the arrow button, and the application will do the rest.