BIDCOM Technologies(TM), a division of BIDWELL Enterprises, LLC (Freeware)

SyncCell(TM) is an application developed by BIDCOM Technologies. This is a program that is made to sync Microsoft Outlook, particularly its Calendar and Contacts to selected brands and models of mobile phones. It can also sync other PC applications, such as Google Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes, Vista Calendar, and Thunderbird. Images can be downloaded from the user’s mobile phone as well.

The key features of this program are Contact Manager, Calendar Manager, Backup, Restore, Internet Connect, and Email or Text Message. Users can create, edit, and manage their contacts or calendar with its built-in Contact Manager and Calendar Manager. The Backup and Restore features allow users to restore or retrieve data. It has a one-click technology called OneSynchTM for simple and easy synchronization. It also has File Manager and File Uploads, which are used to synch and manage data supported from a single computer to multiple platforms.

SyncCell(TM) supports numerous brands and models of mobile phones. For Motorola, the supported models include: Verizon RAZR2 V9m, Sprint K1m, AT&T RAZR2 V9, and TMobile RAZR2 V8. For LG, it supports VX10000, Touch VX11000, Incite, Dare VX9700, and Glance VX7100. Samsung’s Jack, Omnia, Propel Pro, Saga, Tocco F480, SGH-L760, and SGH-T749 models are also supported. This application also has support for all Android phones and tablets, the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson (W800, and Z500a), and HTC (Touch Pro and Fuze).