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SyncBackPro is a program that enables users to manage their backup files in their computer’s hard drive. This program is used to backup, restore, and synchronize files from the user’s computer to another drive, through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, networked drive, removable media, ZIP file, email server, or using an optical disc such as a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. SyncBackPro is capable of secure and quick backup and information management tasks that are highly configurable. This application provides a variety of features such as file versioning, open/locked file copying, true synchronization, quick backup, compression filtering, support for Zip64, simulated backups, file filters, restore, subdirectory selection and background backups. In addition to these, SyncBackPro also provides access to log files, email results, and copy verification. Users may choose between two backup modes: Easy mode and Expert mode. Easy mode provides minimal backup for essential files and data only while Expert mode provides a wider range o backup but takes longer and consumes more space.

SyncBackPro features a simple user interface that has two main parts. The first part contains the main menu buttons such as Profiles, Task, Preferences, Columns, and Help. The next part is the task display list, which shows the pending backup and files management tasks that the user selected. This section displays the task profile, task type, last run, result, next run, and file source. Users may automatically initiate tasks by scheduling it and leaving it in the task queue.