Syncables Desktop SE

syncables, LLC (Shareware)

Syncable Desktop Se is an application that is used to manage files such as email, media and bookmark profile. The application is a virtual organizer that helps users to save time in searching files. Syncable Desktop SE enables different computers or other portable devices to share information very when transferring or receiving data such as photos, music, videos, and email. This can be done by using a Sync Cable to establish connection between devices for file sharing.

The latest version of this program includes new features such as Task assistant Wizard that offers faster network synchronization. The Task Assistant enables users to configure network setting, set up connection between computers, and initiates file sharing. Data can also be synced using known social medias like Facebook, and Flickr. The program interface incorporates icons to access these websites automatically once a user opens the application. Syncables 360 version enables users to connect a computer with a mobile device where contacts can be saved and shared. The application can only sync 7 items at a time.

The application is easy to use even for novice computer users. With the built-in wizard, users will be taken through the different steps of using the application.