Symphonie Data Retriever 7.03.15

NRG Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Symphonie Data Retriever is a software for wind data management. Its primary function is to gather, store, analyze, retrieve, and validate wind data. Sets of wind data are collected directly from a data logging device (data logger) that sits in a meteorological monitoring station. The data is imported into a database where it can be processed. From there, Symphonie exports the data as text files or files in WAsP (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) format. WAsP is used for predicting, calculating, and analyzing wind resources, wind climates, and power outputs from wind farms and turbines.

Symphonie data files are Windows-compatible files transferred from the MMC (MultiMediaCard) to the PC’s hard drive. The software reads files produced by Symphonie, 9300, 9200-PLUS, and Wind Explorer data loggers. These files are the ones stored on the PC’s hard disk from an email or MMC reader source. The program then scales the files according to a site file defined by users. Afterward, it converts such files into ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) files—that is, industry standard files that can be read by Excel, Notepad, and so on. Using the data drawn from the loggers, it creates reports for any time range. These include data on wind rose, hourly and monthly graphs, frequency distribution, summary report, and so on. The user can make, save, as well as apply his own data filters to exclude unwanted data from the reports.