SymMover 1.5.1510

Moba Software (Freeware)

SymMover is an application that is used for transferring a folder from one location to another while keeping its previous location in Explorer. The folder is transferred, but the program creates a link between the two locations. This allows games and programs to still function even if files related to it are placed in a different location.

The program’s main window is vertically split into two sections. The left side of the window is for the Folders in Source, while the right side of the window is for Folders in Destination. When a drive is selected, the contents are displayed in the Folders in Source area. Users can select the folders to transfer to a different location and use the arrow button pointing to the right. This action transfers the file to its new location. Local drives are also displayed on the bottom part of the window. They show the free space available for each drive.

Other features of the SymMover program are the following:

• Users can move folders to a new location in just one click
• User-friendly and easy to use interface
• Application does not move folders if there is insufficient space on the new location
• Users can see information change when folders are added