Symantec Ghost Explorer

Symantec Corporation (Shareware)

Symantec Ghost Explorer is a standalone program designed for use in extracting Ghost image files. It is a light software that built for viewing, adding, deleting, launching, and extracting a partition or an entire Ghost image (.gho) file. A ghost image is a photographic file that may be composed of a single partition or multiple partitions. Extracting or removing a piece or part is not possible through other photos & image software except for those that support the .gho format. Symantec Ghost Explorer supports .gho format and it can act as a utility that automatically numbers the partitions for easy and fast identification. The numbered sequence also makes it easy for users to retrieve extracted partitions and re-adding them again to the entire whole.

Symantec Ghost Explorer follows a command line that systematically determines the structure of a file or a folder of ghost image files. The program can view image file contents and store a copy of file lists extracted from the image. The program only supports partition types belonging to the FAT 16, NTFS, and Linux Ext2/3 categories. Users are in full control of adding, moving, copying, deleting, and launching partitions within a ghost file through simple keys including the drag-and-drop functionality. The size of the extracted partitions can be set or changed. Finally, users can incorporate descriptions to the ghost image files or edit them as the case may be.