Sybase SQL Advantage

Sybase, Inc. (Shareware)

Sybase SQL Advantage is categorized as a relational database management system and is designed for use by small to medium enterprises. It enables users to build and organize client/server applications as well as web-based applications. It is primarily used as a client/server backend solution for standalone, shared, Internet, mobile, and networked database application. This program provides users with an Indexed Sequential Access Method, both SQL-based and table-based data access, for increased efficiency and flexibility. With this program, developers can create powerful data-driven applications for both mobile and client/server environments. It also eliminates the need for multiple sets of source codes when scaling from local P2P to client/server environments.

Sybase SQL Advantage offers users the benefits of online backup, replication, stored procedures, triggers, an SQL Query Optimizer, and several user-defined functions. Users can also add events or notification, change views, and make use of server side aliases as well as encrypted indexes and communications. This development tool has support for multiple processors, native DBF data format, and Unicode. This application can also be used in conjunction with popular development environments such as Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Visual C++, CodeGear C++Builder, CodeGear Delphi, CA-Clipper, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Sybase SQL Advantage has support for standard interfaces, including ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, and OLE DB.