Swords & Soldiers

Ronimo Games (Proprietary)

When many people think of strategy games, they usually think of a game that has a bird’s eye view of a base camp with units and buildings. This style of real-time strategy gameplay was made popular by games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and Age of Empires. Swords & Soldiers, from Ronimo Games, puts a fresh spin on the classic genre. Instead of having a bird’s eye view, the players control their army and their units from a side-scrolling platformer’s point of view. The game features intense gameplay with a stellar single-player campaign and an equally great multiplayer experience.

The game’s players control one of three tribes: The Aztecs, The Vikings, and the Imperial Chinese. These three tribes are at war with each other. These three tribes are after the ultimate war spoils: the favor of the gods. The game features a lengthy campaign mode for all three tribes. Ten missions for each tribe, keep the player hooked on the single player mode alone. Players are put through the many missions with varying objectives. From a full-on enemy camp takeover to a covert infiltration with only a limited number of troops and resources. The split-screen multiplayer, hosted by Steam for the PC and Mac versions, are highly competitive and frenzied.