Swords & Sandals III

3RDsense (Shareware)

Swords & Sandals III is a game in which players control a Gladiator and fight with other gladiators in an arena. Players start the game with customizing how they Gladiator looks like and by giving him a name and unique victory call. The player’s gladiator can be customized according to the following:

• Body type – players can choose from eight body types, including Sagan Blob, Zombie, and Yeti
• Features – there are 17 choices for the gladiator’s features, including Pig Man, Half Elf, Goblin, and Daemon
• Hair – gladiators can sport different hair and facial hair styles
• Height and weight – this can range from short and stout, to tall and lanky. The height affects the gladiator’s defensive capabilities while the weight is a factor in the gladiator’s speed and health. More weight means greater health but less speed.
• Skill points – players can modify their gladiator’s agility, strength, intellect, charisma, and vitality.

When ready, players have to fight five gladiators chosen for him or her to defeat. They have to fight the opponents one by one. If the player successfully defeats all five, he or she advances to the next level where they have to fight another set of more powerful opponents. To give players the opportunity to think up a combat tactic, the game lists the opponent’s statistics.