Swords of the Stars - Complete Collection

Kerberos Productions (Proprietary)

Swords of the Stars - Complete Collection is a 4X game released by Kerberos Productions in 2006. The game set in futuristic outer space. 4X is a game genre where players get to “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.”  In this game, users have to choose from among 4 races from which to form an empire among the stars. The goal is expand their territory and eventually, conquer the galaxy.

Swords of the Stars - Complete Collection features a turn-based gameplay. Strategic gameplay includes exploring the galaxy for other colonies, colonize them, and exploit their resources. The player can expand his empire by building new starships and discovering new technologies. The game also features real time battles as an added challenge. Each race has a different set of weakness and strengths. It is up to the player to choose which one would be more applicable. The game is a multiplayer game for an unlimited number of players.
Swords of the Stars - Complete Collection features three expansion packs, aside from the original game. The three are Argos Naval Yard, A Murder of Crows, and Born of Blood. Born of Blood includes a new race type called Zuul, as well as new exploitation functions  including commerce raiding, trading, and slave raiding. A Murder of Crows a crow-like race of life forms called the Morrigi. Argos Naval Yard includes new technologies like shipping.