Sword of the Stars Complete Collection

Kerberos Productions Inc (Proprietary)

Sword of the Stars: The Complete Collection is the bundle release of the strategy game, Sword of the Stars. The bundle features the original game including its expansion packs. It also features bonus maps that are not present in the original game. Sword of the Stars is in the 4X type of video game genre. In 4X games, players are tasked to control a huge empire, with the goal of exploring and conquering other areas, exploiting resources, and removing enemies. In this game, the player chooses a race to form an empire of multiple stars. The player's territory must be expanded by conquering other stars, gathering resources, building battleships, and advancing technology.

There are 4 races in Sword of the Stars: The Complete Collection. Each race has its own ability that can be used as an advantage against other teams. Numerous maps and technology enable the game to be fully random; making the gaming experience of one player different from another player's experience. The game can be played by one player. It can also be played by a number of players simultaneously. Players can enter the game at any point in time. The same is true in exiting the game.