Sword of the Stars CE

Kerberos Productions Inc (Shareware)

Sword of the Stars CE is the collector’s edition expansion of the computer game of the same title, developed by Kerberos Productions Inc. This game belongs to the space 4X genre and involves strategic gameplay, conquering, and colonizing. This version release is a combination of the first original series expansion, titled Born of Blood, and the original first Sword of the Stars game. In this game set in space, players have to select one of the races to belong to. Players have to then form an empire referred to as interstellar. Among the races included are humans, insects, and aliens. They have to conquer the galaxy in all possible ways. These include the destroying of resources, construction of starships, colonization of new star systems, and improving the technology of their own empire.

This application features a user-friendly but intuitive interface. Its graphics effects are colorful and vivid. It also has sound effects for a realistic space simulation environment. In addition, this game can be played into two ways: a single player mode or multiplayer mode. Players may team up with or battle against other gamers.

Other features of Sword of the Stars CE:
• New map shapes – Real Space, Barbell, and Galactic Clouds
• Integrated tutorial in movie clips
• SotS server program