Switched-On Schoolhouse

Alpha Omega Publications (Proprietary)

Switched-On Schoolhouse is an educational program that consists of a Christian-based curriculum. The application has different lessons geared towards students from third to twelfth grade. It comes with multimedia tools, video clips, and other tools that will engage students to learn more about a variety of subjects. Quizzes are also integrated into the application in order to see the students’ progress.

Here are some of the areas the program focuses on:

• Bible – The application comes with a Christian Bible study guide that helps users increase their knowledge of the old and new testaments. There are 7 themes tackled including Christian evidence, growth, theology, biblical literature, and attributes of God.
• Science – The Science program delves on the study of the universe as how God created it. The curriculum covers nature of science, physical science, earth and space science, and life science.
• Geography and History – These courses develops the students’ appreciation for geography, social studies, economics, history, and government.
• Math – The math portion of the program focuses on areas, such as probability, data analysis, algebra, geometry, and numbers.
• Language Arts – The Language Arts application consists of different development lessons for speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Users can also learn more about the Bible as a literary piece.