Switch Off

Airytec (Freeware)

Switch Off is a program that enables users to remotely turn off their computers by using another computer from a remote location or a mobile phone. It is useful for lowering computer consumption and cutting costs on electric bills. The web interface is password protected and can be accessed on any computer or a mobile device that has a web browser. The Switch Off application must be set to ‘Enable web interface’ on the main computer. Switch Off uses minimal system resources so it does not clog up the computer.

There are several triggers that will shut down the computer: countdown timer, exact date and time, and system inactivity or when the computer is idle. There are also options to shut down the computer by providing a daily or weekly schedule. The user can provide the date and time and select the action to be done on the computer. Also, users have several action types to choose from. These include shutting down or restarting the computer, logging off the current user, hibernating, disconnecting the computer from connections, and locking the work station.

Other features of the program include:
• Power saving calculator
• Command line support
• Facebook integration
• Silent install option
• Operation of the program without installation