SWiSH Studio 2.0 (Proprietary)

SWiSH Studio 2.0 is an application that provides users with the ability to convert Adobe SWF files or Flash movies to Windows screensavers, standalone projector executables in EXE format, and other Flash applications. It comes with a full set of features that allow users to create and publish Flash format executable files easily and burn these directly to a DVD or CD-ROM for demonstration and presentation purposes in three simple steps.

With this application, users can choose from window skins and styles that are created by design professionals. Users can select transparent and windowless backgrounds as well. They can also edit the video settings to add watermarks, customize the appearance of their output, add context menus, and edit the controls for playback. Additionally, users can import not only SWF but MP3 and WAV files as well, and each file type has its own set of commands so users can control the content as preferred.

SWiSH Studio 2.0 has support for FSCommands so users can have access to more commands as well as system calls. Multiple Flash movies can be combined, and users can define the order and manner in which these are played. For instance, users can specify if the output should play on loop. Users can also create interactive movies with mouse and keyboard controls to engage more viewers.

This program has been discontinued and no longer receives support from the developer.