SWiSH miniMax2 4 (Shareware)

SWiSH miniMax2 is an application that enables users to create Flash animations. This program comes with more than 180 pre-designed vector shapes and components. With this program, users can import image and audio files and incorporate these into their presentations. The created work may be saved as image sequences, GIF, or Flash animations.

This program is easy to use and is ideal for beginners in animation. It also comes with an Easy Script Assistant feature to help users add interactive elements to their animations, as well as tools for editing text, drawing different shapes, and controlling object motion. In addition, the program comes with ready-to-use project templates. Scripting tools are also available to add interactive functionality to animations.

Users can choose to view a project using either the Outline or the Timeline tree. Frames, visual effects, and interactive objects may be added, deleted, or modified from either tree. Users also have freedom to move the panels on the workspace and hide these to make the space less cluttered.

In addition to creating Flash animations, users can also import SWF movies that have been made using another Flash application. Likewise, the SWF movies created using SWiSH miniMax2 may also be imported to another Flash program. The application comes with a built-in advanced file compression feature to make SWF file sizes manageable.