Stormregion (Freeware)

S.W.I.N.E is a tactical computer game wherein the player can choose to be on the side of the pigs or the rabbits. After choosing a side, a series of missions can be played. A variety of units are in the game. It can be played by one player or with many players across 10 campaigns. Each campaign has a specific objective for winning. For example, the player must capture the opponent's flag.

In S.W.I.N.E, "strategic points" (SPs) are given to the player when a mission is finished. The points given depend on how well the player finishes the game. These points can be used to buy units. It can also be used to purchase new abilities for some of the units. The units in the game have strengths and weakness. A unit may be effective against another unit but ineffective against a third unit. For example, tanks are good attackers and defenders but are weak in terms of long - ranged units. Other in-game aspects can also affect the battle. Examples are the unit's health and the terrain where the unit is on. A unique feature of the game is the display of a unit’s maximum range of attack. When selecting a unit, a red line appears that displays how far the unit can go and also how wide its attack area is.