Swift 3D Application 6

Electric Rain, Inc. (Shareware)

Swift 3D is a program used for creating or manipulating animated sceneries. Projects created with the program can then be exported and used with Flash animations. The program comes with a variety of tools for creating different kinds of animations for a variety of projects. Its user interface is divided into different sections, which makes the workflow faster. The different tools and features are located at the upper portion of the main window. The categories include the Scene Editor, Web Assistant, Advanced Modeler, Extrusion Editor, and Lathe Editor. More tools are located at the bottom, left, and upper portions of the main window. All changes made to a project can be previewed under the Preview and Export Editor tab.

Here are more main features of the Swift 3D application:

• Program has rendering speed that is 5x faster than other applications
• Support for background image tracing
• Has a wide variety of user preferences, which is ideal for advanced animators
• Has a new texture mapper
• Support for soft shadows for a more realistic scene

Projects created with the application can be exported to 3DS or Papervision3D. The program also comes with a comprehensive help file that allows users to view help topics about the application.