Swiff Player

GlobFX Technologies (Freeware)

Swiff Player is a program that enables users to easily play Flash movies in their computers. A Flash movie is a type of animation that is created using Adobe Flash or another similar program. Flash animation is used in a variety of content such as Web cartoons, advertisements, and commercials. Flash animation also provides user interactivity that is seen in flash games, and other interactive learning animations. Flash movies are exported in the SWF file format.

Swiff Player’s main feature is its simplicity and ease of use. The program has a straightforward interface that includes common playback controls such as play, stop, and pause. The program also enables users to play their Flash movies in either full screen or window mode. In addition, users may skip to different parts of the flash movie by means of the seek bar. Swiff Player plays Flash movies on the center display area of the program window. Users can also use the display are for executing actions when playing interactive flash content such as flash games. Another feature allows the player to view the SWF file information such as the movie file name, movie size, total number of frames, frame rate (FPS), and the player version. Swiff Player is powered by OpenGL Hardware Acceleration which allows the program to play Flash animations up to 60 frames per second when in full screen, and to enhance the rendering of 3D objects like Planes, Slices, and Cubes.