SWF Toolbox 4.0.479

Eltima Software GmbH (Shareware)

SWF Toolbox is a conversion software that permits a flash format to be changed to other customizable output. It is mainly used to convert SWF files to AVI and images. The video output can be further edited through resizing and removal of sounds. It can also be further enhanced by adding movie controls, changing the background, customizing the quality of the resulting video, and many more.  

In addition, the converted image can be assigned to be a JPG, Bitma,p or PNG file. An animated GIF file can also be produced through this toolbox. Furthermore, SWF Toolbox has another feature that allows the user to make screensavers. Because not all computers have a Flash installed, SWF file can take the format of an executable file so that it can be played on any personal computer.      

SWF Toolbox has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to skip the configuration steps. The file can just be simply added and converted with just one-click. The edited file can be viewed on the computer screen prior to creating a final output. There is also an option that permits the user to do batch conversion. SWF Toolbox can give detailed information regarding the file and other logs when prompted.