SWF Opener

UnH Solutions (Freeware)

SWF Opener is a program that enables users to open their SWF files in their computer. SWF or Small Web Format is a type of Adobe Flash file format used in delivering multimedia, vector graphics, and ActionScript in various applications. This file format provides moving graphics and user interaction by point and click actions. SWF is a commonly used file format for animated web advertisements, flash movies, and flash games. SWF Opener has a design similar to common media players. It contains buttons such as play, pause, skip, and forward buttons that allow users to skip to a particular frame or portion of a flash movie. SWF Opener’s user interface also contains a seek bar that allows users to scan their SWF media. In addition, this program has a feature that allows users to play their SWF in a continuous loop.

SWF Opener features a straightforward interface that contains two main parts: the control bar and the play area. The control toolbar contains the playback buttons, the open button, and the save button. This section also contains a background color option, which allows users to select a background color from a color palette, a full screen view button, and four scale modes: show all, exact fit, no borders, and no scale. The next part is the play area where the SWF media is displayed.