SWF Extractor

GlobFX Technologies (Shareware)

SWF Extractor by GlobFX Technologies is a utility that can extract specific data from Adobe Flash SWF file or any Macromedia Flash movie file. The tool is designed to extract sound resources as well as image resources from this movie file type. The supported file types for sound resources are WAVE, ADPCM, and MP3 audio file formats. Meanwhile, the supported image file types are RAW Alpha, JPEG Alpha, JPEG, and RAW image file formats.

One of the highlights of this computer program is that it performs the tasks while preserving the integrity of the data sets. SWF Extractor retains the quality of the extracted resources without compressing the data. The extractor program can be launched directly from Windows Explorer since it supports full Windows integration. The same is true with Internet Explorer.

SWF Extractor performs the extraction procedure quickly and efficiently, and poses no danger to the host computer system. The image resources from any Adobe Flash movie file are extracted as PNG files and JPEG files. With regard to sound resources, the pertinent data are extracted as WAV and MP3 audio formats. The application is easy to use. The extraction process commences immediately, and the program supports drag and drop function to facilitate the extraction of data from the SWF file.