SWF Decompiler 7.4

SourceTec Software Co., LTD (Shareware)

The SWF Decompiler is an application that decompiles SWF files where the user exports the FLA data as edited in Flash environment and likewise converts the SWF format and the EXE format according to users’ needs. The user can substitute some of the elements like sounds, colors, texts and others without the need to convert SWF into FLA. Small changes can also be executed right in the application itself without the need for converting SWF files back to their sources to do the action.

SWF Decompiler allows the user to completely recover all of the project’s elements – images, shapes, texts, action scripts, frames, fonts, sprites and buttons – that had been converted. The user can select to extract all of these components of the SWF and take them into their individual folders in the hard disk for later use. The program’s Capture Tool makes it possible to save Flash movies to the hard drive for later watching. This is aside from the other extracted elements whose file formats can be set according to the user’s need. Aside from converting SWF files back to FLA, the application can also recover corrupted or lost original FLA files by reversing the SWF project back to its original source.