SWF Converter

Aunsoft Studio. (Shareware)

SWF Converter is a program used for converting audio files, movie clips, Flash videos, and action scripts into different file formats that are supported by gadgets, such as game consoles, mobile phones, mp3 players, and more. The program has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to utilize for both novice and advanced computer users. All files added to the program are displayed as a list including the filename, total frames, frames per second, size, destination file, and others.

The program comes with profiles that users can choose from. Under the options window, users can create a thumbnail using different image file formats. The width and height for the thumbnail can be changed as well. When all of the settings have been changed according to their preference, users can simply click on the convert button to begin the conversion process. The application also comes with its own video player for previewing files. When converting files, users have a choice between manual mode and auto mode. In auto mode, all the frame of the Flash will be automatically converted. In manual mode, the frames of the Flash file will be controlled by hand. The program does not clog up system resources during conversion.