PiEyeGames (Shareware)

Sweetopia is a marble-shooter game set in a candy factory of the same name. In the game, candies move along a conveyer belt and the player must match candy pieces before the candies reach the other end of the belt. The player is given control of a candy launcher that releases candy pieces when clicked. Players must shoot candies onto like-colored candies in order to remove them from the belt. Each game level has at least one candy launcher. Candies are launched when the player clicks the left mouse button; the right button swaps the loaded piece with the next one in the candy launch queue.

Players can earn bonus points by setting up candy chains and combos. If a player misses hitting the candies on the conveyor belt, the launched candy will bounce off the wall and other surfaces it touches. This feature can be used to have a candy ricochet off a wall onto an inaccessible part of the conveyor belt. When the specified number of candy matches is accomplished or when the candy meter is filled, the player advances to the next level. Players can select either Story or Arcade mode and choose from three levels of difficulty.