Sweepi 5.4

YooApplications (Freeware)

Sweepi is a program used for cleaning up the system in order to optimize its overall performance. The program is capable of removing junk and obsolete files to make more space available on the computer. The program can be run in two modes – Classic Mode and CleanUp Wizard. Novice computer users can make use of the CleanUp Wizard and go through the step by step instructions on how to use the application. Other tools are also included in the application. Some of them are the following:

• Sweepi Slicer – This tool is used for deleting data securely from the computer
• Sweepi BootManager – This tool allows users to manage the programs that boot during system start up.
• Sweepi ShortCutter – The ShortCutter is capable removing shortcuts that are invalid in the computer.
• Sweepi LiveUpdate – This tool makes sure that the Sweepi program is always updated to the latest version.

Sweepi works by scanning the computer and looking for junk files. Users have complete control over the components that can be deleted. Some of them include cookies, temporary files and folders, thumbnails, temporary Internet files, and others. After choosing from the list of files to delete, the program scans the system and shows the results to the user.