Swat 4 Editor

Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (Freeware)

The SWAT 4 Editor was released in April 2005 as an add-on application to the proprietary PC game, SWAT 4. This is an application that provides game players with the ability to make changes not only to the missions that take place during gameplay but also to components like maps and first-person shooter.

The SWAT 4 PC game is part of a series that followed Sierra Entertainment’s popular Police Quest adventure game. This particular game focuses on tactical first-person shooting and mimics different SWAT encounters from hostage standoffs to suspect apprehension. A renowned single-player game, new updates have enabled multi-player gaming for SWAT 4. Apart from this, the SWAT 4 Editor application makes it possible for players to change things during the course of regular gameplay.

One of the changes that can be done focuses on the first-person shooter where weapon modifications as well as appearance alterations can be programmed into the game. There are several preset missions that come with the game package and these missions can also be altered by using the same add-on application. It is possible for players to add a certain level of difficulty by adding obstacles or changing game environments as they play. Map changes can also be done if desired.