Anonymizer Universal is an online security application developed by Anonymizer. The program enables users to connect to the Internet safely and securely without worrying whether their online activities are being monitored or hacked. The program features a one-click user interface. This allows users to start surfing online right after clicking ‘On’ in the program. The program runs in the background and sits in the system tray. It does not occupy large bandwidths, RAM, nor disk space.

Anonymizer Universal enables users to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots without worry. Public hotspots are usually unsecured and swarming with hackers, and viruses. The program allows users to surf online through the encrypted VPN tunnel for added security. The program also features protection from data thefts. It secures the user’s online activities, preventing malicious programs to copy or access private information including passwords, email, credit card information, banking information, medical history, or private communications.  The program also allows users to surf websites discreetly. Usually, website profilers, criminals, and employers can track the online activities of a user by tracking the IP address assigned to the computer. This IP address is unique for each computer. However, the program masks the computer’s IP address, preventing anyone from tracking it.  This enables users to surf online anonymously without fear of having his online activities recorded or analyzed.