Suunto Training Manager Lite

Suunto Oy (Bundled)

Suunto Training Manager Lite is an application that organizes and stores workout training sessions. It comes bundled with Suunto watches and timekeeping devices, and enables athletes to keep track of analyze their performance so they can create and improve training plans. The training session data can be viewed as a single workout or over a specified time period. With this application, users can see statistics, in-depth features, and graphical representations of their workout training sessions.

This tool provides users and trainers with a detailed analysis of seven body parameters, such as Energy Expenditure (shown in kcal) and heart rate. The other parameters are the following:

• Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC (given in ml/kg)
• Respiration Volume (given in liters per minute)
• Respiration Rate (shown in breaths per minute)
• EPOC-based Training Effect (shown in a scale of 1-5)
• Oxygen Consumption or VO2 (shown in ml/kg/minute)

The calculations for the training data are based on heart rate variability as well as beat-to-beat analysis. Suunto Training Manager Lite is compatible with the Suunto t3c and t4c devices. The training session data can be uploaded easily to the user’s computer through the use of a wireless Suunto PC POD. The training sessions can also be broken down according to the type of activity, such as kickboxing, running, swimming, or biking.