Surf's Up

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

Surf’s Up is a video game that revolves around surfing which is based on the animated movie with the same title. It was first released in 2007. The game’s setting is the Reggie Belafonte Big Z Memorial Surf Off, a massive surfing event featured in the movie. The player gets to select 1 of the 10 available characters. Some of them are Cody Maverick, Big Z, Tank, Lani, and Chicken Joe. The game features the voices of actors who reprise their roles for the game (Jeff Bridges, Shia LeBouf, and Zooey Deschanel).

There are certain tasks to complete for each level. Some of which include making it through obstacles, collecting a number of trophies, and getting points for surfing tricks. Players are free to choose which type of surfboard to use – short, medium, or long. Each of the surfboards has its own advantages and disadvantages.

• Short Board – Short boards are speedy, but they are harder to control.
• Medium Board – Medium boards can be used in different conditions.
• Long Board – Long boards are not as fast as the other two, but prove to be more stable.

While surfing, players must watch out for opponents. There are also plenty of opportunities to catch big waves and score plenty of points, but players who experience a wipe-out will lose all their points. Surf’s Up takes players to different locations around the globe visiting places, such as North Beach, the Boneyards, and PenGu island.