Supreme Ruler 2020

BattleGoat Studios (Shareware)

Supreme Ruler 2020 is real-time tactical game that deals with geopolitics. Users may choose to lead any of the countries included in the game. They may represent that specific country’s prime minister or president. The player must guide the country in domestic and foreign matters like international intrigues, economic crises, and wars that specific country undergoes in the game. Players can choose between a Super Sandbox mode for unlimited replayability, user-customization, and no preset victory conditions, or Scenarios with distinct objectives.

250 different regions from around the world can be played. The game has a strategic and military command system. Political and economic models are available. Gameplay options present missions, campaigns, and regional battles. Decisions may be delegated to Cabinet Ministers and government, and departments like trade and defense may be controlled. Military vehicles numbering in the hundreds may be built and deployed. Nuclear weapons may be developed by players or they may choose from preset conventional ones. A diplomatic interface which can be customized enables negotiations between parties. The game’s satellite imagery is provided by NASA for realistic graphics. Single and multi-player modes of up to sixteen players are available. Players also have a wide range of topics to decide on like free trade, globalization, biotechnology, and renewable resources, etc.