Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Gas Powered Games (Proprietary)

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game released on November 2007. This game is an expansion suite to the Supreme Commander game released by the same company on February 2007. However, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a stand-alone expansion game, thus allowing the players to play the game even without having the original game installed. However, this only allows the users to play with Seraphim, which is the newest faction. There are three original factions—the Aeon Illuminate, Cybran Nation, and United Earth Federation. There are three alternate endings, depending on which of the factions the ACU sides with.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance features a bipedal mech labeled Armored Command Unit. This bipedal mech is commandeered by the player tasked to build an army to use in battle. This game enables the user to utilize four battle spaces—information, air, sea, and land. This game is set in the far future where intergalactic travel is easy and quick using a space portal. Humans are distributed to various human worlds, with the Earth Empire governing them in a centralized manner. However, the Earth empire collapsed and formed the UEF. Aeon Illuminate consists of religious fanatice, while cybernetically-enhanced humans became the Cybran Nation. They then engaged in the Infinite War.