Supertintin Skype Video Call Recorder

Imtiger Software Inc. (Shareware)

Supertintin Skype Video Call Recorder is an application that enables users to capture their webcam-based video conversations on Skype. Developed by the company, Imtiger Software, it also has the ability to record audio streams done using a microphone, CD, or line-in. This program has many functionalities that give users many options for recording their Skype conversations. Some of these features include:

• Recording video streams in local-only, picture-in picture, remote-only, or side-by-side mode
• Recording video conversations in a variety of resolutions that could go as low as 320 x 240 to 960 x 720 to accommodate the user’s disk space requirements
• Saving captured and recorded video streams into AVI format in order so that users will be able to play it back using any media player
• Saving video and audio Skype conversations to the computer hard drive or a portable storage device like a USB or external hard drive
• Recording remote and local video as two distinct files

Supertintin Skype Video Call Recorder also has a simple and straightforward user interface, which features two main buttons – stop and record. The application window can be minimized during the recording process, so that the user can do other online tasks simultaneously.