SuperSync 5.1.2 (Shareware)

SuperSync is an application that enables users to manage all the files in their iTunes library. The program also enables users to access their library from anywhere with the synchronization feature. This can be done on any computer within the network that has the application installed. Aside from this, other features of the SuperSync application are the following:

• Merge – This feature allows users to view two different libraries simultaneously to compare the files. This is useful when synchronizing files between two locations.
• Backup – The backup feature is for creating a backup copy of the multimedia library with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Backup files can be used for Mac and Windows. A directory of the library’s contents can be exported, too.
• Repair – The repair feature addresses and fixes common problems users may have, such as broken links, missing tracks, duplicates, and corrupt multimedia files.
• Matchup – The matchup feature allows users to easily use their iTunes with the iCloud. After processing the library, files are then classified under eight cloud categories, which make multimedia management easier.
• Explore – The program enables users to search for lyrics to songs in the library, shop for songs from the iTunes store, discover new artists and songs, and find metadata to songs.