Supersonic Download Accelerator

BestSecurityTips (Shareware)

Supersonic Download Accelerator is a download manager that is designed for simultaneous downloads, segmented downloads, and other similar functions. This is a useful utility for those who are consistently engaged in downloading files from the Internet. This is a versatile application in that supports both FTP protocols and HTTP protocols.

One of the main highlights of this program is that it offers users with higher download speed compared to other available download managers. This is accomplished by Supersonic Download Accelerator by finding as many sources as possible to facilitate the download process. In addition to this, the program also utilizes available stored links in the user’s clipboard. The user interface of this utility is easy to comprehend and navigate which makes Supersonic Download Accelerator a program that fits users of different skill levels.

Supersonic Download Accelerator has multiple functions. This application has the ability to keep track of the current downloads if ever the existing Internet connection should fail. When the connection is secured once more the downloading can resume. Supersonic Download Accelerator also allows the user to preview the files that they are downloading.

This application takes up little space in the hard disk—as little 2 MB and takes up 8 MB of RAM at the most. Supersonic Download Accelerator is developed by BestSecurityTips.