SuperScan 4 4.1

Foundstone Inc. (Freeware)

SuperScan 4 is a tool that is primarily used for scanning TCP/IP ports. With this tool, users can look up and ping IP addresses, detect open ports (TCP and UDP) on a target computer, as well as ascertain what particular services are running on the identified ports. This tool also has the ability to run queries including ping, WhoIs, and traceroute.

This utility can be used by system administrators to monitor and control their hosts and domains, and to evaluate a computer’s security. This can be done by testing for unauthorized open ports on computer networks. Once detected, administrators can then do the necessary security measures to make sure that no one gains illegal access. This tool offers users the following features:

• Fast scanning speed and hostname resolving function. This tool also makes use of multiple ICMP methods, resulting in improved host detection functions.
• Portability – installation is not required; the application can be saved in a removable drive. In addition, the application does not leave a trace on the system registry.
• Simple and organized interface – the application’s features are conveniently organized into tabs. One of the key sections is the Tools Section, where the different application features may be accessed. Among these are ping, hostname lookup, WhoIs, bulk resolve, and traceroute.