PGWARE LLC (Shareware)

SuperRam is an application that performs various tests on a user’s computer with the objective of optimizing performance. RAM refers to Random Access Memory. It is a form of computer data storage that allows files to be accessed directly in a random manner. When the memory space on the computer gets smaller, Windows starts using the Windows page file, which is much slower, resulting to slower computer performance. The software relieves this problem by switching the behavior of Windows by putting the old files onto the Windows page file and have the newly opened files use RAM.

SuperRam has a simple and user-friendly interface. The computer performance information is shown on both values and pie graph at the center screen, as well as the percentage of processor free and used. On the left side of the interface are options for various tasks including viewing and changing of settings, performance of speed tests and checking of memory statistics. These functions also have icons on the center screen labeled as Change options and settings, Run memory benchmark test and View statistics and history report. Included on the left side of the interface as well are the links for the Help file, support, and website. The version of the software is displayed on the bottom part together with a button for checking updates.