SuperMemo World (Proprietary)

SuperMemo is an educational program that trains users to retain information on a long-term basis. Users do this in three general steps: by collecting the learning material or facts they would like to commit to memory, by being tested by the application, and by making smart and spaced repetitions of the lessons. Based on the test results, the application determines the optimum timing for users to review the learning material. The learning material may include not only text, but sounds, pictures, video, and webpages as well.

The collected materials (for example, Wikipedia entries) may be converted into smaller portions containing the relevant information. Users can also add references for easier context recovery. Users can add the source, author, date published, and other details in the reference labels. When collecting information from websites, users can download images using the dialog box in the HTML component menu. This way, users do not have to copy and save embedded images one by one. The images will be saved in the application’s image registry.

When looking for particular information among the collected materials, users can search the database using and-, or-, and not-search functions. SuperMemo also enables users to organize their database, create tasklists, annotate pictures, and even log their sleep data to give them an understanding of how sleep can affect memory.