Supermarket Mania

G5 Games (Shareware)

Supermarket Mania is a time management game that tasks players to manage a supermarket a stocker. The main goal in the game is to keep all the shelves in the supermarket filled with products. Grocery shelves don’t need to be empty in order for them to be restocked. Shelved are scattered in different areas in the supermarket, so users must go around in order to refill them. When the level starts, grocers will start entering the store and getting items from different shelves. Players must keep track of the number of items on the shelves to immediately see which ones need refilling.

Players must get stock for refilling from the stock room. The shopping cart only holds a limited amount of food for stocking, so users must go back to the stock room to refill the card. In addition to refilling the shelves with items, players must also make sure that the grocery floor is clean. Trash scattered on the floor can trip customers. A certain amount of money must be reached in each level in a limited amount of time. Money collected from the level can be used for upgrades. Some upgrades are increased capacity of the shopping cart, more items in shelves, and items for boosting customer satisfaction.