SuperMailer 8.01

Mirko Böer (Freeware)

SuperMailer is a newsletter application that enables users to create and send bulk emails. Users can create newsletters in HTML or plain text format. Creating newsletters in HTML is easy with the use of the integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Sending is done in bulk, but the application sends the newsletters separately to recipients, so that they will not be able to see the email addresses of other recipients. The newsletters can be customized with the personal data of the recipients, such as their full names and addresses. Users can do this by inserting placeholders into the email message, and the application will replace this with the personal data of the recipients when sending.

One of the notable features of SuperMailer is its tracking function. With this feature, users will be able to determine if the sent emails have been opened by the recipients. The tracking function can also count the clicks on the hyperlinks contained in the newsletter. With these statistics, users will be able to measure the success of their mailing campaign.

Users can also manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions using the program. They can also upload graphics, images, and embedded data to a website or server automatically in order to send out small-sized emails, which can make sending newsletters to thousands of recipients faster.