Superior Save

EleFun Games (Shareware)

Superior Save is a hidden object game developed by EleFun Games and published by several well-known companies like Alawar Entertainment and Big Fish Games. The story revolves around a character named Amanda, whose boss had been kidnapped. There is little information about the incident, and the player assumes the role of Amanda to rescue the boss. At first, she seeks the help of the authorities, but they tell her to bring evidence before they can help her. The setting of the search is the home of Amanda’s boss. The player must start looking around the house and find all of the hidden objects on the list.

There is no time limit to finding objects in the Superior Save levels. However, the objects are camouflaged strategically in the rooms, and this provides a lot of challenge to the player. There are timed mini-games and the hints automatically recharge. The player is not required to go through the mini-games, but they provide variety and additional points. A few of the mini-games features one that features parked cars, which the player has to rearrange. Another game has a memory game format, wherein the player has to match stamps. The game also features a few animated effects that subtly enhance the graphics.