SuperEasy SpeedUp 2.1.0

SuperEasy Software GmbH & Co KG (Shareware)

SuperEasy SpeedUp is a simple utility used for optimizing the computer to make it run faster. The program gets rid of unnecessary files and defragments the system. It has several tools to improve computer speed. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that can be used even by novice computer users. The main window shows a summary of the system analysis if a previous scan was already done. Users can view more information under system status. Tools are located on the right side of the main window as a list. Some of the tools included in the program are the following:

• Internet Traces – This tool allows users to remove traces of web activity on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It removes websites visited, so other users cannot see sites the previous user has visited.
• Defragment Hard Drives – This option does a thorough scan of the system to check which files are fragmented. It then defragments these files in order to make the computer run faster.
• Manage Startup – This tool enables users to select the programs to run during startup. Unnecessary programs can be disabled, so that computer booting will be faster.
• Remote Access – The program supports remote access, allowing users to access the desktop from a different location.