SuperD Co., Ltd. (Proprietary)

SuperD_X-Tune is a 3D effect calibration program for home and personal use. It is a complete autostereoscopic tool that is meant specifically for 3D personal computers which are glasses-free. This program has tracking parameters and users can make adjustments to optimize their 3D viewing experience. Viewing shows in 3D can be made more personalized with only a few steps.

SuperD_X-Tune by SuperD Co., Ltd. is a tool that gives the user the opportunity to choose the effect that suits their needs and preferences best. This is a program that does not require advanced computer knowledge to use. With this utility, users can adjust and correct 3D effects to their liking. This app is applicable to different types of 3D devices.

For avid users of this utility, it is recommended that SuperD_X-Tune be updated consistently so that only the most recent driver version is used. Once this is done, the user can choose from the options provided by the program to adjust the five stereoscopic fonts on the screen to make the display effects optimal for viewing. Arrow keys found on the computer keyboard can be used to adjust the 3D effects on the screen. Pressing “Enter” saves any adjustments made. Adequate use of this tool makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable 3D viewing experience.