SuperDVD Video Editor 1.9

MasterSoft Inc (Freeware)

SuperDVD Video Editor is an application that enables users to capture videos and edit them. In addition to these, the program can also be used to burn videos. On the program’s main window, users can select from the six different icons that represent the tasks that can be done with the program. The application supports different output formats including DVD disc, MPEG 2 VOB file, and DV formatted AVI.

The program’s interface is intuitive. The preview section is located on the right side of the window, while the timeline is at the bottom part of the window. This is where users can see the video in frames. The timeline is also where users can add different video effects, audio, and text to the video. Under the Options window, users can change the different settings of the program including general settings, capture and edit settings, and menu settings. Some examples of the things that can be changed include the image ratio setting, output setup (PAL or NTSC), the output format, and the capture limit settings.

In addition to the features mentioned above, other features of the program are:

• Support for direct burning of movies straight to disc
• Merge or divide files into smaller pieces
• Users can choose any part of the movie to copy
• Support for creating DVD menus