SuperCleaner 2.96

South Bay Software (Shareware)

Super Cleaner from South Bay Software is an application that removes unneeded files from the computer. The software is equipped with varied features. It has an Internet Privacy feature that can delete Internet history. It can also remove cookies, browser caches, and index.dat files. The program will only save Web browser histories which were specified. Another feature is the Start menu cleaner. This feature informs the user of any unused or dead files in the computer. It appears during computer startup. The user has the option to delete these files to free up storage space.

The program also has File Wipe functions. This feature will prevent the undelete action from taking place in the computer. It is not possible to recover deleted files even with the use of recovery software. In addition, the application also has an AutoClean feature. This aspect gives the user the option to customize the cleaning schedule. The user can also set an automated cleaning setup.

Other features in the Super Cleaner include:

• Safety checks on important document files.
• Scans the system for unwanted files. It can also be used to remove obscure documents.
• Automatically deletes temporary directory, Recycle Bin and the likes.
• Automatically removes memory dumps and leftover printer files.
• Automatic functions start once the user initiates system scan.