Superbike 2001

Milestone (Proprietary)

Superbike 2001 is a motorcycle racing game developed by Milestone and published by Electronic Arts in October 2000. It features the motorcycles and races that happened in the Superbike World Championship in 2000. It is a simulation game that enables players to drive and race with their motorbikes in the same tracks and bikes used on the actual game. Players can enter the single races or participate on the weekend races, or championship races.

Superbike 2001 offers three game modes: Single Race, Quick Start, and Championship Modes. Single Race mode enables player to enter the weekend races. Quick Start mode allows users to race quickly without going through practice laps; the player only has to choose a race and participate. Championship mode features a full racing season spanning across 32 weekends. The Championship mode also features detailed statistics on the other competitors, giving it the most simulated version of the real world championship.

Each game mode can be played in a one of four varying difficulty levels—from casual to the more realistic level. The player can also customize the motorcycle attributes to upgrade their level of play. Some races can only be won if the motorcycle has been upgraded to meet the attributes of the other racers. The game also features a photorealistic gameplay adding to the appeal of the racing simulation game.