Super Utilities

SuperLogix (Shareware)

Super Utilities is an application that consists of 29 different tools for optimizing a system. These tools are separated into five modules. They are:

• System Cleaner – The System Cleaner consists of tools for cleaning and optimizing the system. Some of the tools included are the disk cleaner, uninstall plus, shortcuts repairer, memory turbo, and registry cleaner.
• Security Doctor – Tools included in this module are the spyware removal, BHO (Browser Helper Objects) cleaner, security task manager, IE password manager, and the security service manager. These tools prevent threats from entering the computer. The spyware removal tool also eliminates spyware that may be present in the computer.
• Privacy Protector – Privacy Protector tools keeps all the user’s private data safe. Some of the tools included in this module are the tracks washer, super shredder, and folder.
• System Maintenance – The system maintenance tools provides detailed information regarding the system’s state. These tools ensure that the computer is running swiftly.
• Special Utilities – The special utilities section offers four extra tools for system maintenance. The tools are auto shutdown, super shell, super undelete, and folder analyzer.

Super Utilities provides explanations on the use of each tool so that users know which tool to use when attending to a problem in the system.