Super Taxi Driver 2006

Team6 game studios (Shareware)

Super Taxi Driver 2006 is an aggressive computer game that presents the tedious tasks and often intense driving challenges faced by taxi drivers as they go about their daily rounds. The player of this taxi game is challenged to use all existing driving skills to survive hellish rides while trying to overcome intense competition.

The main objective of the player of Super Taxi Driver 2006 is to transport the passenger to the end destination safely. There are missions to accomplish and all of these are wrought with excitement. This interactive computer game contains the elements of the taxi game genre that gamers have come to expect. Super Taxi Driver 2006 features exciting challenges and real-life driving requirements. In Super Taxi Driver 2006, the driver can choose from a number of taxis to drive. In Super Taxi Driver 2006 there are also single player and multiplayer modes to choose from.

In Super Taxi Driver 2006, the player has to face other competitive taxi drivers who only want to smash the player’s car to pieces. The player has to finish the competition within the time allotment as well while satisfy the passenger’s needs. The player also has to be able to dominate the challenges presented by the different game modes.