CAPCOM U.S.A, INC. (Shareware)

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is a fighting game that was first released in 2010. The game is a restructured version of Street Fighter IV. The arcade style game is played in a 3D environment in a 2D plane. The game still follows the mechanics of its successor. However, new elements were added, such as the Focus Attack. The aim of the game is to beat the opponent by draining the health meter before the time is up. Another way to win a fight is to have a higher health meter than the opponent when the time is up.

The game features all 25 Street Fighter characters and 10 new characters. The new playable characters in the gamer are Yun, Oni, Evil Ryu, and Yang. All of these characters are already unlocked. Other features of the application include the following:

• Updated character balancing
• Updated replay channel
• NESYS Card System for keeping track of BP and PP
• New EX moves for the characters
• New costumes for the characters

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has four game modes – Versus, Training, Trials, and Arcade. In addition, players can engage in online battles (Team Battle, Endless Battle).